Farrow Flow Insert

“I’ve heard of the device before and it made sense to me that it may work in-line on the pusher hose behind a metering valve on a blast pot. You could never have convinced me that the vortex created could ever make it through the auto air valve if the device is installed elsewhere.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m very honest. I watched the blast pattern and efficiency change dramatically after this was installed at the header on the compressor. I was left so baffled as to how, I had to contact Nigel himself to ask why. This also opened my mind to how this could help in other high pressure applications. It’s definitely an intriguing system and absolutely made a believer out of me.”

– Jeremi R. Day Sr, PCS
AMPP Senior Certified Coating Inspector

FARROW FLOW® Wet or Dry blasting.

The patented Farrow Flow® insert is designed to improve your existing dry blast system. When inserted into the airline, the air is directed in a helical pattern creating a vortex which picks up the media creating an optimal mix at the end of the nozzle giving you a 25% or more wider spread. This means less time, lower pressure, lower media, and fuel consumption, and easier on your operator!








1.25” NPT Male

1.25” NPT Female

Physical Data

(ABS) acrylonitrile
butadiene styrene


US Patent


1.25” NPT Female

In minutes, you can convert your existing blast pot and achieve the following:

Patent Pending Worldwide

25% Faster

25% Wider Spread

Lower Pressure = Lower Emissions = Eco-Friendly

Easy 60 Second Installation

Converts Any Dry Blasting Machine

Decreased Media Consumption

Money Back Guarantee

Farrow Flow Inserts are Available Across North America, South America and Europe

Farrow Flow

Why Use Our Inserts?

  • 25% Faster
  • 25% Less Media
  • Converts Any Dry, Wet or Dry Ice Blast Pot
  • Easy installation
  • Patented Pending Worldwide
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lower Pressures = Lower Emissions
Farrow Flow Inserts

About Us

In October 2021, Farrow Holdings Inc. launched a second company brand Farrow Flow, Inc. with a new patented insert that improves the performance of directional airflow in a conduit. This exciting invention improves the performance of all types of blasting by at least twenty-five percent.

In 1998, founder and inventor Nigel Farrow began looking for new ways to improve the speed and performance of an early generation slurry blast machine by adding heat to the process. The first patent 

named,“The Method for Removal of Surface Coatings” was granted and the first Farrow System was manufactured and in production. Farrow System is known as the industry standard on which all current day wet abrasive blast machines are built. During years of research and observation in the field, Farrow noticed the skilled blasting operators consistently moving the nozzle in a circular motion while blasting to get the best profile on the substrate. 

Farrow Flow are now available in North and South America and Europe

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2 weeks ago
Farrow Flow

FARROW FLOW IS SHIFTING GEARS! Our friends at Mannion Coatings are our first customers to install the Farrow Flow in their powder coating booths over a year ago. The vortex action in the air that the Farrow Flow provides helps powder coating technicians get into the tight areas with ease increasing transfer efficiency which saves powder and time. Farrow Flow in the air line re-organizes the paint again before the end of the nozzle causing a much more even result on your most difficult projects.Have a look for yourself. Seeing and hearing is believing!
#Blasting #dryiceblasting #sandblasting #vaporblasting #spongeblasting #farrowsystem #dustlessblasting #wetabrasiveblasting #surfacepreparation #blastandpaint #wagnerpainting #nordsonencore #3M #ppg #Dupont #Eastwood #powdercoating #transferefficiency
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4 weeks ago
Farrow Flow

ARE YOU LISTENING? No matter which nozzle you decide to use for your blast job, when the Farrow Flow is inserted to your pusher line, you'll get an additional reduction in noise of 3dB AND a 25% increase in production which is impossible for any nozzle to provide.
#Blasting #dryiceblasting #sandblasting #SteamBlasting #NoiseReduction
#vaporblasting #spongeblasting #farrowsystem #dustlessblasting #wetabrasiveblasting #surfacepreparation #blastandpaint #healthandsafety #Blast Ninja #snakebite
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2 months ago
Farrow Flow

Here's some Throwback Thursday fun!
Farrow System and Nigel Farrow appeared on the BBC's science show for young inventors called Tomorrow's World back in 2000 It was after this that Farrow System was born and became the original vapor/slurry mobile blast system on which every other wet abrasive system is based upon. Stay tuned for news on the new generation of Farrow System machines which will include the Farrow Flow patented technology. With our continued quest for innovation, Tomorrow's World is within reach. . Have a laugh and reach out to your favorite "Super Stripper" and wish him a Happy Groundhog day today! @NigelFarrow
#wetabrasiveblasting #farrowsystem
#blasting #dryiceblasting #sandblasting #steamblasting
#vaporblasting #spongeblasting #dustlessblasting #slurryblasting #surfacepreparation #blastandpaint #ecoquip
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