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The FARROW FLOW® insert will turbo charge your existing dry blast pot!

Farrow Flow injects air in a helical pattern creating a vortex that picks up the media and creates a better mix before reaching the nozzle requiring fewer passes over the substrate.

The result… a wider and more consistent pattern at the nozzle. This equals less time, lower pressure, lower media consumption, less mess, easier on the operator and the list goes on!

In minutes, you can convert your existing blast pot and achieve the following:

Patent Pending Worldwide

25% Faster

25% Wider Spread

Lower Pressure = Lower Emissions = Eco-Friendly

Easy 60 Second Installation

Converts Any Dry Blasting Machine

Decreased Media Consumption

Money Back Guarantee

Stay tuned for list of dealers and online store!

Farrow Flow Promotional Video

Please see installation video down below!

Farrow Flow Instructional Video

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