Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Farrow Flow Inc.?
Farrow Flow Inc. is the latest company established by Nigel Farrow in 2020 for the purpose of selling and expanding markets for its’ revolutionary new patent which creates vortex flow inside of a conduit.
What We Do?
Farrow Holdings Group’s first company in the US, was perpetually looking for ways to improve traditional straight line air flow in its’ well known slurry abrasive machine, The Farrow System. After replacing heat with the Farrow Flow technology in the newest line of slurry systems, Farrow team worked to refine the invention with 3D printing to maximize the technology. It was then discovered that it is effective in all blast systems – wet and dry – and after years of development, is now available as an insert with a very simple conversion process. Farrow Flow InsertⓇ for Blasting was born and is the first of many markets for which a product will be made available.
Where is the Farrow Flow located and where is it manufactured?
The Farrow Flow inserts are proudly designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA by all Pennsylvania companies. We are located in Downingtown, PA.
What kind of machinery can benefit from a Farrow Flow insert for blasting?
Any blast pot or blast cabinet can benefit from adding the Farrow Flow insert to their straight line air flow. The insert simply spins the air before the media causing a wider and more even pattern at the exit of the nozzle helping you finish your job 25% faster.
Why should I purchase a Farrow Flow insert if I already like the blasting pot and setup I have?
If you already enjoy your current blast setup, Farrow Flow will enhance that by at least 25%. In doing so, you will use less media, fuel and time.
Where can I purchase a Farrow Flow insert?
You can purchase a Farrow Flow insert online at or find your nearest ALLREDI location near you by using this link:
What are your shipping options?
Free Shipping to all customers in the US and Canada.
International customers may contact sales at for shipping costs.
What is the return policy?
Farrow Flow insert has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please email info@farrowflow with order information so that a return can be issued. Return shipping the responsibility of the purchaser.
Where can I find the specifications, safety information and installation instructions?
A hard copy is included with your shipment and you can find all documents on the website at:
What brand blasting machines are able to be converted with the Farrow Flow insert?
All blasting manufacturers’ machines will benefit from the Farrow Flow insert. An increase in speed of 25% and a wider blast pattern should be noticeable immediately.
What size blasting machine can be converted to Farrow Flow technology?
Any size blast system will benefit from adding the Farrow Flow insert to their air inlet of the blast system.
Is there an alternate way to convert my machine to Farrow Flow technology from my compressor outlet instead of my blast intake line?
By far the easiest way to convert your blast system is to install the Farrow Flow at the ball valve outlet of an air compressor. Disconnect the air line from the ball valve of the compressor and insert the Farrow Flow and reconnect all lines and secure tightly.
Do I need tools or any other fittings to install the Farrow Flow?
An adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench is needed to loosen your existing air line fittings. NEVER USE A WRENCH OR TOOL TO HOLD OR TIGHTEN THE FARROW FLOW INSERT. HAND TIGHTEN THE INSERT ON BOTH SIDES.
The Farrow Flow seems to loosen after a few minutes of use. Is this normal?
Yes. This is normal. It is advisable to check the insert after 10 minutes of use. Sometimes, the heat created by the vortex will cause expansion and will allow you to gently hand tighten again. This should not need to be repeated.
Does it matter which way I install the Farrow Flow insert?
No. There is a male and female end. It does not make a difference which way it is inserted to your air line.
How does the Farrow Flow create a wider blast pattern at the end of the nozzle?
When the vortex is created inside of the pipe, the media is pushed to the inside walls of the pipe instead of traveling along the bottom. When it exits the nozzle, it gives you a wider spread at the exit due to the tornado effect inside of the pipe. This is like using a three inch paint brush versus a one inch paint brush.
Will the Farrow Flow insert cause additional wear and tear on my machine?
No. The Farrow Flow insert spins the air in the line. If anything, the Farrow Flow insert will create less wear due to more even distribution of media and air inside the blast system. Conventional systems without the insert wear in the same place over and over again. This is not the case when the Farrow Flow insert is in line.
Why do I see a pressure drop on my compressor sometimes after inserting the Farrow Flow insert to my airline?
A pressure drop is commonly perceived as a disadvantage in cleaning. This is due to the common misconception that higher pressure = better cleaning. This is not the case. The cleaning is provided by the velocity of media and/or slurry coming from the end of the blast nozzle. The Farrow Flow insert converts a very small amount of pressure to increased velocity at the end of the nozzle which gives you dramatically better cleaning even at a marginally lower pressure.
Why is pressure drop an advantage? Doesn’t that mean slower cleaning?
No. We all remember from science class the famous quote by Albert Einstein on the most basic principle of energy:
“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” This quote is very poignant when discussing the scientific principles that are at work when the Farrow Flow is inserted to a conduit. To create the vortex air flow, energy is converted from a very small pressure drop to a large increase in velocity. The greater the pressure drop, the greater the speed of the media particles traveling down the pipe.
How can I contact the company if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
Phone: 484-836-6838

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